Junktown #6

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Junktown is a zine that a great writer behind it. The style of the zine is personal; editor Weston places individuals in eir shoes with a number of anecdotes and stories in this issue. Specifically, eir interactions with animals, first a chicken and then mice, mark the first half of the zine. What is interesting is Weston’s back and forth between eir childhood and the current period, explaining the tendency of eir to shoot mice rather than let them free as eir earlier heritage coming back with a vengeance. Perhaps the most interesting part of this issue of Junktown has to be the discussion of two individuals that were famous (at least in the geographic area Weston lives in). The zine goes by quickly, owing to the small pages and larger text on said pages. The re-readability of this issue is high, due to the vibrant and vital style of Weston here. I personally like the linkages between different parts of Weston’s life, as they tend to give individuals a better idea of the actions that ey took rather than just providing no sort of context. Send Weston a few bucks and request some back issues; the zine is a perzine but does not deal with the same type of general subject matter. The unique experiences of Weston (or the unique way that Weston explains mundane activities) should be more than enough reason to go and pick up an issue. Email eir and see if ey is still doing Junktown.

Rating: 6.4/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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