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Myspace Records is finally getting some energy to them, with the release of Sherwood’s “A Different Light’. The Disc itself starts out with “Song In My Head”, and “Song In My head” is a track that gradually gains energy after a slower, quiet start. The band still feels restrained during the track, so hopefully what has happened it that the band has felt jitters and will get into their full emo glory. The band is able to have a sound similar to acts like Yellowcard and Simple Plan, but “Song In My Head” does not seem to showcase their abilities as much as it could.

The repetition of specific words during the opening in “The Best In Me” helps to break the band a little free from the restrained sound that marked “Song In My head”, but even with this more energetic track, the band still seems to be behind a wall which obscures the act from all possible fans. “Middle of the Night” has the band finally get some solid footing. The chorus is where the band shines the brightest, but there is something to be said about the Killers-like dance-infused beats that lead up to the chorus. Where there were a few weak moments still during “Middle of the Night”, the same thing cannot be said for “For The Longest Time”. From the chorus, to the ever-present bass line and funky instrumentation, the track has it all.

The band could still top this track, but this is the general level Sherwood should try to work at on subsequent albums. Sherwood backslides during ‘Home”, a track that has a slower tempo and much less in the way of “magic moments” that “For The Longest Time”. The band is still able to shine in the chorus, but this is only a short part of a much longer track. For “Alley Cat”, Sherwood  changes their overall sound to add an electronic sound. This additional layer gives the slower tempo of the band during the track that much more energy, and the emotions contained during the song that much more of a highlight. The track may be soft and subtle, but the band is able to succeed and turn it into one of their biggest hits on “A Different Light”. Sherwood is an act that has a future that is still very much up to them. The tracks on “A Different Light” show a band that has a lot of talent, but a tendency to not shine as brightly as they should. Keep eyes focused on Sherwood and hopefully they will impress.

Top Tracks: Alley Cat, Alive

Rating: 5.0/10

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