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Yoko – Open Your Box / 2007 Astralwerks / 14 Tracks / http://www.astralwerks.com/ono /

Pretty much anyone that is into music will remember who Yoko Ono is. But, like me, I had no clue what music ey was currently making for an album like “Open Your Box”. The tracks on here are all remixes of Ono’s work, from dance stars as storied as Basement Jaxx, Felix Da Housecat, Pet Shop Boys, and DJ Dan. Despite the fact that these songs are all remixed by different artists, Ono’s vocals act as the glue that makes this into a fairly coherent disc. Some of the tracks will never make it to the dance floors (especially a song that uses some form of screeching, as “Everyman Everywoman” does). Other tracks do not do much in the way of change up the original Ono song besides adding a dance beat to it (such as Felix Da Housecat’s version of “Walking on Thin Ice”).

However, there are quite a few tracks on “Open Your Box” that will stand up to repeat listens. These songs include the very Spartan and art house sound of “Give Me Something” that is remixed by Morel. This track literally sounds like what would be present during an art installation, and the spectral-sounding vocals during the track are qualitatively different from anything else that is on this album. The only problem that I have with this album is the fact that it seems to be a cobbled together collection of tacks from the singles that Ono has released. Thus, a track like “Walking On Thin Ice” is repeated three times on this disc (with versions done by Felix Da Housecat, Pet Shop Boys, and Danny Tenaglia). I understand that some of the singles have had a number of different versions done, but I would rather hear some other tracks on this disc.

Luckily, beyond that track and “Everyman Everywoman (done by both Basement Jaxx and Murk), there are a number of different songs on this disc. Yoko Ono has had a long history in music, and these remixes make for an interesting album. I would have to say that this album should be only the largest fans of Ono, or are those people that absolutely love dance remixes of popular songs. Otherwise, just pick up another (studio) Ono album and listen to that. I know that I will have to give Ono another listen or two when ey comes out with a new album because of this album, so there is some use in showing individuals this album.

Top Tracks: Will I (John Creamer & Stephan K), Kiss Kiss Kiss (Superchumbo)

Rating: 6.0/10

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