Dragons of Zynth Announce New York Mini Tour, Play McCarren Pool with Modest Mouse on Sept 8th

Debut LP “Coronation Thieves” Out on Gigantic Music October 2nd 2007 Produced by Dragons of Zynth & David Andrew Sitek (TVOTR)

“Dragons of Zynth, a Cleveland-bred group whose as-yet-titled debut, is produced by Dragons of Zynth & David Andrew Sitek, which is bonkers. Their hazy rock and synthesizer soul, coupled with brilliant shows in New York, are just what these war-torn summer days should sound like.” – XLR8R

“One of the city’s most groundbreaking new bands, Dragons Of Zynth combine punk, dub, funk, soul and heavy metal in a way so fresh it’s been given its own name: Afrotek.” – WNBC.com

“These guys put it all out there. Think of their sound as sort of synthy stoner rock from outer space.. 2007 could very well be the year of Dragons of Zynth.” – Oh My Rockness

“Dragons of Zynth are being praised for their over-the-top live show and their propulsive electro psychedelia actually does at times sound like a meaner,ramshackle take on you-know-who.” -Village Voice

Click Here to Listen to their SXSW Daytrotter Performance:

Dragons of Zynth are thrilled to announce their debut LP, Coronation Thieves out on Gigantic Music, October 2nd. The LP was produced by the Dragons’ themselves & David Andrew Sitek (TV On The Radio) over the past year. Their recent Spring live shows have been creating such a stir in the NYC community that they have recently played David Bowie’s Highline Festival, the prestigious Summer Stage with Television & Apples in Stereo, and a very special event at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) 7 – Day Afro Punk Festival… And now, we present the coolest debut with the hottest futuristic/eclectic sounds heard anywhere.

Coronation Thieves begins with the absinthe-tinge of “War Lover”, which just might shear through your brain like a memory safely on its way back into clear view. The depth of DOZ’s ambitious sound stems from a precocious understanding of legendary artists before their time. The record features stunning crescendos in songs such as the dreamy yet powerful, “Get Off”, and the psychedelic rockers “Anna Mae” and “Rockin’ Star”. Both will curl your toes in all directions. The LP ends with “Closer”, an 8-minute mind-bending sleepy sonic masterpiece that will leave you refreshed and yearning for more.

Dragons of Zynth are ready to take over your mind, body and soul, and with Coronation Thieves, it just might do that. Prepare yourself for the aural experience of a lifetime, but there is just one caveat, listening with headphones will bring you to another universe (and we kind of like that!) Here be the Dragons!

Dragons Dates

8.24 Club 205 – NY, NY (10pm)
8.30 Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NY ((10pm)
9.6 Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
9.7 SUNY Purchase, NY
9.8 McCarren Pool w/ Modest Mouse (6pm)
9.22 BARD College , NY (10pm)
10.3 Pop Montreal (Crashin’ In Party)


Hailing from rock hall capital Cleveland, OH, the band fronted by Bronx born twins, Aku and Akwetey O.T. draw influence from like-minded visionaries. Having trained classically since the age of 5, Aku and his twin grew up with a deep love of Hendrixian watershed psych, Zeppelin’s proto-blues-stomp, and the lyrical streets-weeping of techo-bots Outkast.

Later studying music theory and performance with legendary Jazz saxophonist/flutist Yusef Lateef, the twins enacted Lateef’s “auto-physio-psychic” approach to music crafting new pathways in modern music that outpaces their short year-and-a-half in existence. Rounded out by drummer extraordinaire, J. Bizza, and bold bassist, Autry Fulbright (who also fronts NYC band, Shock Cinema)

Let’s cast back to NYC 2003 and we clearly see the incarnation blooming. While Akwetey held down a job as a script supervisor for ‘Galaxy’ guiding actor Mos Def, brother Aku worked down the street putting in time at the soundbomber’s former imprint, Rawkus Records.

As synchronicity would have it the bros teamed up to help promote Mos in his debut show at the Blue-Note Jazz Club, an integral turning point in their musical direction. “Mos was in a Miles Davis-smooth-in-a-punk band type spirit, it was all new.” The O.T.s soon dove into a maelstrom of Electro-Soul orchestration, Afrobeat, and Punk Rock stirring a new future symphony that has been referred as Afrotek.

TV on the Radio have now become the Dragons biggest supporters. Following their debut in 2005 opening for TV on The Radio, DOZ’s brilliant performances have bolstered a truly majestic sound that now has avant-rock fans coming out of the woodwork. Already gaining praise from notables such as The New York Times, Spin Magazine, and Filter, the Dragons are ready to hit the world at high speeds with their brand of 21st century electro-mystic-soul.

Dragons of Zynth recently completed sessions with TVOTR and the legendary Massive Attack and are currently seeking release what might be on of the most psychotropically astonishing debut records in recent memory.


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