GG Allin and The Murder Junkies – Terror in America: Live 1993

GG Allin and The Murder Junkies – Terror in America: Live 1993 / 2006 MVD / / / Reviewed 09 March 2006

Three different sets await watchers of Terror In America; shows in New Jersey, Texas and Georgia all show the genius of Allin and the rest of the Terror Junkies. From the first track on the DVD (a version of “Bite It You Slut” in Jersey), the writhing, half-naked Allin is a sight to see. Aside from the sheer physical torture ey puts eirself through during each track on this DVD, another shocking thing is how good the sound and video hold up even considering that the footage is thirteen years old.

Each of the tracks is raw and rough rock and roll; Allin is the physical interpretation of this style, as by the ten minute mark the blood is already flowing down eir face. Add the diatribes made by Allin between songs and individuals have a more complete idea of who ey was and what ey stood for; there is nothing present on this disc that even vaguely resembles a whitewash by the producers to make Allin sound any better. “Expose Yourself To Kids” has a catchiness to it that is made all the more impressive when one can tie the lyrics of the song to the individual singing them, especially as ey is crawling around the stage. “Kill The Police” ends the first set on the disc, and the antics on stage seem to be a little sedate; there is some blood, some almost-nudity but nothing really as over the top as what individuals might expect. For the GG fan, the first set in New Jersey is the highlight as it is the first show after GG was released from jail; even more so, it seems to be much more professionally done the latter two sets.

The second set (in the 5th Street Warehouse) is much more visceral than the first set; during the chaos that is present in the end of this set, GG and a few other people throw in on a violent fight. For those individuals that have not seen GG outside of the concert venue, there are a few extra features on this disc. There is footage from the Don Fury Studio in New York City, in-stores, and even GG chilling at a pool. Really, the only thing that could hold individuals back from picking up this DVD would be the poor quality of the alter two sets. Those individuals are probably not the fans that GG would have liked to have; true GG fans will revel in the grainy, home-video footage that was shot at the show in the Somber Reptile in Atlanta. The concert footage present on “Terror In America” will give individuals one view about Allin, but the extra footage really shows another side to Allin that individuals might not be familiar with. At $20, the two hours of footage seems well worth it, especially considering the fact that most of the footage comes from a period right before GG’s death (the last bit of footage was done less than two months before ey would die of a heroin overdose).

Top Tracks: Kill The Police, Bite It You Slut

Rating: 7.1/10

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