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Remember Biology 101 in college? For many, it was filled with dissecting animals, usually frogs (eww, gross!) or struggling to stay awake during multiple slide shows of how groups of organisms are ranked from the general of domain to the specific of species (Y-A-W-N.)

But not everyone was falling asleep during lectures. Especially not The Selfish Gene who’s name was lifted from the book that made the world re-evaluate their thoughts on evolution — The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.

The Selfish Gene play their own standout brand of psychedelic pop rock, a sound they call thematic storytelling in a progressive rock format. Their three-part harmonies and poetic, cerebral lyrics give their music a versatile style that ranges from delicate, hummable and poppy to grandiose and intense.

“Conceptually, I think folk music may be the most accurate comparison in that it tends to tell a story and take you somewhere in time,” vocalist/guitarist Matt Allen says. “We’re kind of like a science-fiction version of that which probably sounds nerdy, but honestly it fits.”

The Selfish Gene’s love of science plays a part in live shows as well. When circumstances allow, live performances are supported by cultural exhibition films like Koyanisqatsi, Boraka, Nagoyqatsi and Chronos. Allen explains that the films end up serving as an emotional, visual counterpart to the lyrical subject matter rather than distracting from the show. “The entire project is like a film/lit class mixed with anthropology, biology and physics,” Allen says.

The Selfish Gene was formed in 2003 in Madison, Wisconsin when three (science-obsessed) college grads met veteran drummer Mark Marsh. The band released their debut album, Self-Defeating Human Beings, in March of 2005. Now, the Selfish Gene’s sophomore album The Grand Masquerade is set to hit stores on September 25, 2007.

The Selfish Gene
The Grand Masquerade
Release Date: September 25th, 2007
Ruff Road Records

The Grand Masquerade track listing:

1. A Grand Masquerade
2. Weight Of Light
3. Overboard
4. Autopilot
5. Fist Fed Up
6. Bad About It
7. Idiom
8. Evolver
9. Crash Test
10. Bidding War
11. Archipelagos
12. Foxhole
13. Wonderwall

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