John Murdoch Interview

Interview, John Murdoch
7/26/01 for NeuFutur

1)Aside from writing books such as Nordic Front, what do you do to keep busy?

Quite a bit, actually. I am employed as a shipping clerk, and I moonlight as a senior writer for Resistance Magazine, a professional racial publication that is published by the National Alliance. I also am a recreational bowler, my current game is up to 140 on 10 frames. Whatever time is left over I read and write.

2)For those not “In the Know”, what exactly is Resistance magazine about?

Resistance Magazine is the organ of Resistance Records, America’s most perolific White Power record label. The magazine folded in 1996 after its original owners were raided by the police, then re-started again after the company was sold in 1999 to Dr. Pierce of the National Alliance, a large racial organization. Resistance Magazine focuses on the different genres of White Power music (Oi/RAC/hardcore/metal), and then the rest centers on other stuff pertaining to the movement.

3)What do you do as “Senior Writer” for Resistance Magazine?

My job at Resistance is to supply the magazine with a regular allotment of ext. Usually I’m involved in some way with about a third of the articles, reviews, interviews etc. I see my purpose as being responsible for bringing in “new” stuff that hasn’t been discussed much amongst WP circles, or at least to have a new perspective on it. My goal is to keep pushing the magazine into becoming The Rolling Stone of the racial cause in America. I have come up against some critics, but I think my work is being well-received.

4)Various stereotypes are widely accepted by the media to portray racialists as stupid and the like. Wouldn’t it seem to be a more logical course of action to actually prove these stereotypes wrong then perpetuating your own, such as when defining the watchdog groups as “Naive” on page 15, even when ex-members of WP groups, who have evxperienced the lifestyle first hand, are in those group?

I agree with you, but in my defense, let me tell you that the vast majority of the Hate-watchers out there present things ass-backwards when it comes to us. I have never understood the die-hard fanaticism that Anti-racists have about targeting us, as if we have a significant pull in society when the opposite is true. Those that build us up to be incredibly powerful and strong are the ones who are either looking to make a living off of Anti-ravism, or are trying to pin the failure of a multi-cultural America on us. Now, as far as the other part of your question goes… I think that anyone who spends a certain deal of theirt time with the racial movement looking will find that for every idiot and bonehead who claims “White Power”, there is a very intelligent, well-educatied person involved. There are whole circles within the movement that are more or less at MENSA levels, bu5t the majority of press that we get is of the sensational kind, created by thethugs and mentally disturbed. Violence and shocking behavior sells, and what most people are familiar with when it comes to the racial cause is what they see on the local news. Unfortunately, I can’t control everyone who claims allegiance to the cause I am involved in, so the best I can do is make a better package for my camp, and hope that it wins out. My entire goal for writing is to increase the quality of racial medium that’s put out by my crowd, to act as a balanced against the morons.

5)How many copies of Nordic Front have been purchased? While most writers go on book siging tours and have millions of dollars to promote their book, but how does an author like you get the word out about a new release?

Haha, I am more or less at the mercy of the White Power scene at the moment. This first pressing of Nordic Front was a pilot test for a series of other books, so we did a thousand run. To this day I am thankful that we didn’t do 2,000. The printer left out all the goodies that go in the front and back of the book, so what you have is cover, page 1 through page 368 or whatever, then the back cover. Then there was some trouble with editing, so there are a painful number of typos. Next, we didn’t get an ISBN in time, so we can’t sell it through the big boys who will take controversial stuff. It’s sade to say that the first assault of my campaign had a rough first round. But on the whole, people have still considered Nordic Front to be groovy. I am convinced that with some work, I can makee the second pressing get out beyound the White Power scene. I promoted the hell out of the book through the usual channlels and contacts, to the point where there are people who grumbled a bit about it. I think I after all is said and done with the first pressing, I will have given away about 10-15% of the stock as promotional material. I’m a traditional polite Midwesterner who has an aversion to pushing things, and all the troubles sort of took my ego for a ride, but I’ve had to promote the book aggressively to ensure that it would get out there.

6)In the last decasde or so, various films and other media have came out detailing various views off the Skinhead/WP lifestyle. Ignoring sensationalist articles and the like, how has popular media portrayed the whole WP scene? What are your reactions to maninstream movies such as American History X and Romper Stomper? Why do you think the media portrays the WP scene the way it does?

I would say that Romper Stomper, True Lies, and American History X all are pretty damn close to portraying the actuality of the scene. Actually, I can’t watch most of these films, not because they are Anti-racist in nature, but they remind me of a lot of difficult times in my own life… I was never a street hooligan, but they hit that close. In fact, these movies have becoming integrated into the subculture of the skinhead as much as Trainspotting is for junkies. This has a mixed blessing. The media increasing t6he amount of interest that your average teenager has in us, but it also keeps us away from gaining acceptance into the mainstream. I would say that most of your typical media coverage about us is hyped up beyond belief, not as a grand master scheme to destroy us, but simply because it sells, and they can get away with it. Some factions within the cause benefit from this, others don’t. Again, my goal is to break away from the mold, so I don’’t expect t6o get much publicity for what I do, but I think it will be best in the long run.

FYI: There will be another skinhead movie coming out within two years, based on college professor Don DeGrazia’s novel/memoir American Skin. I assume that this one will focus on traditional skinheads in the greater Chicago area, but it will have some White Power skinheads in it. Don DeGrazia is a jackass and a half for not even sending me a polite note after I send him a copy of my book, but he’s a good author.

7)Did you actually go around and research the life of skinhead youth today? The story actually seems as if the writer was with the group the whole time, a very rare style to possess as a author.

I have had varying degrees of association with White Power skinheads over the years, and I work closely with them in several different ways. At on point I tried being a skinhead, but it didn’t fit who I was. I’m just a little too reserved and too eccentric to be a skinhead. I don’t fit in well with the whole tight-knit attitude of the scene, and I have neve met a skinhead girl that I could imagine myself gfalling in love with. I just have too many influences and interests outside the scene to be a skinhead, like them as I do,, but I do intend to help a greater number of people understand this subculture, and to work with skinheads as a way of advancing my message.

8)Does the anti-fascist organization in the book, D-SAAF, accurately portray various anti-White Power groups in real life, with drug use and the like? If so, where could information backing this claim be found? Are the various watchdog groups in real life as poweful behind the scenes as the Citizens Against Hate in Nordic Front?

I’ve been fortunate in life to have interacted with “the opposition” far more then most raial people. I have interests in “things” that are more aligned with the liberal community, having signed up at liberal arts colleges, being a huge fan of authors like Vonnegut, Bukowski, Burgess, and Hunter S. Thompson, etc. I pretty much keep my true identitiy under wraps in public, so this has allowed me to get to know quite a few liberal college kids over the years. That being stated, if I had a choice between living in the Middle East or a nation entirely composed of liberals, I would be on a plane to Syria tomorrow. I can’t stand most liberals, and I can’t stand those involved in scenes. I have never met a larger amount of self-centered, over-educated, under-intelligent, shallow, arrogant “worthless third” assortment of people than those who are involved in the Anti-racist counter cultures. These people represent a great weakness that our country has, a whole generation of people who are entirely afraid of finding themselves for fear that they may realize that they are no better than anyone else. Those groups that are not made out of college kids but older liberals are little better. Either these people are fighting demons within themselves, of using Anti-racism for their own means. As far as my fictional groups go … let’s just say that I don’t think I stretched my imagination too much with either group.

9)What are your political beliefs and did you vote in the last election? I mean, in the book, on page 97, Alex is rejoicing about having “one more right-wing nut out of our hair”. However, most popular media portray the WP/Skinhead groups as Right-Wing extremists. What, typically, are the political leanings of a WP/Skinhead organization?

Ugn…I could write a book on this. Okay, I’ll try to keep it short. I term myself as a White Nationalist. I believe that the United States cannot exist as a multi0cultural nation, and that the only possible route for us is a return to a republic based on race. This is based on one belief, that it is spirtuallly and socially impossible for races to live in coexistence within nations. I am an Orthodox Christian, and I believe that it is my calling as a White Christian to serve my race without a hatred for others that he created. I believe that all people have a right to self-dignity and self-determination, and my greatest goal is to hacve my cause gain legitimacy as an ethnic-separatist movement. I vote only in local elections, because I believe that the US will break apart into regional areas, and I hope to begin creating the groundwork for a regional government. As far as right-wing leanings go…the “movement” comes from the right-wing, and the skinhead scene comes from the punk scene. Straight up until the early 90s, most of your White Power skinheads waved the American flag, but then the “Nazi Viking” image started to gain ground as there was a greater push towards involvement with Pagan, National Socialist, and revolutionary groups. The identifying trademark of the movement in the 90’s was a supposed break away from the old right-wing, and I am a byproduct of this time. It’s all very confusing, and I’ll make it even more so by saying that I actually am working for a return to the basic ideals of a White Christian america, without falling into the mistakes of the old ways.

10)Do you see Nordic Front as a novel that could possibly be turned into a movie? Have you been approached by any interested parties, or is a movie in the works yet?

You know, it’s strange, but the only people who ever ask me that question are people who aren’t associated too much with the “scene” or the “movement.” I sure wish that someone would approach me with this idea, but for the time being, the only other form of media I see happening is a comic book version.

11)Give us a statement that contains words of wisdom or facts to get people thinking, and try to answer this : Why should White Youth believe in the WP cause?

Whether you agree with me or not, realize that the same white liberal America that supports the eradication of my beliefs is not going to be around anymore, nor is the conservative America, or any other form of the country that we once knew. If you don’t believe me, pick up a copy of the 2000 Census Report, and then read up a bit on the wars in the former nation of Yugoslavia. If you truly believe that “We are all one people” and that human nature is universal, then you should realize that we are rapidly approaching a complete breakdown of everything we know, due to the natioal breakdown of morality and the swift changes of demographics. White liberal America will collapse with the capitalist consrvative one, and we will have two routes to take : total destruction or a second American revolution that will lead to the foundation of a new republic.
I wish the best of luk to those that just want to live their lives with one another, but be prepared for some radical adjustments. Racism is no longer an abstraction : it will become a reality for everyone.

12)In the book, during the car scene with Karl, Scott, and Alex, Alex says “But we do much of the damage to ourselves by letting scum and the gut-level haters get into our cause.” Is this a belief that you espouse? Where exactly would the WP movement be if these people didn’t join the cause?

Hell yes! if I could push a button to make all the freaks and losers leave the cause, I would dod it in a second. The WP scene would be smaller, but more professional, and more accepted by the mainstream. I can’t tell you how many times I have come close to throwing in the towel simply because I am tired of feeling like I am stuck on a perverse version of Gilligan’s Island. But every time that I think about this, I look around me and see more people looking for something that I feel I can give them : a workable ethos of racial consciousness.

13)Where do you see the WP movement in 10 years, both in U.S. and abroad? Are there any groups that popular culture should look out for? How does the whole scene fare with a conservative Christian president like George W. Bush?

I see the movement splintering even more so then it is now, with one die-hard faction of fanatics, occultists, zealots, and scene-oriented people, and then another trying to make a serious bid for the average white American’s oath of allegiance. We are seeing more regular Americans joining up with us than ever, and a certain number of us are leaving behind the old movement to accommodate these people. As for George Bush, Geroge Bush is accelerating the breakdown of America faster than Bill Clinton could have ever possibly done. He’s going to destroy the environment, polarize the rich and poor, and do nothing to stop the massive influxx of immigration from Mexico and abroad. I suspect that at worst, he will be remembered as the President who accelerated our destruction. I suspect at best, he will join the ranks of Rutherford B. Hayes, Millard Fillmore, Howard Taft, and Warran Harding in the Forgettable Presidents Club. I doubt the man is an inherently bad person, I just feel he is part of a machine that has been rolling along for some time now.

14)How can interested readers pick up a copy of Nordic Front? Are you currently writing a new novel of any sort?

You can order Nordic Front through Panzerfaust Records, P.O. Box 188, Newport MN, 55055, or at I have a few more projects coming out soon; a handbook for racial activists, and also am collaborating with some artists on two different comic book series. I am working on another skinhead novel, though this one isn’t in the Nordic Front trilogy. My goal is to continue writing on an aggressive pce until I either get married or hit my 10-Year High School Reunion, when I will decide whether I should keep writing or take up something else. In the meantime, drop me a line at Gravestream Productions, P.O Box 162, Newport, MN 55055. Author and zinesters who send in their work get a book, girls who send in clean pictures of themselves get one as well. Elizabeth Wurtzel sucks my dick!

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  1. Thanks for posting. While Resistance Records is still in operation, Panzerfaust Records has since shut down and Mr.Murdoch has since moved on. I remember when the “Nordic Front” book came back from the printer and we teased John about a fictitious type error on the thing’s cover. We suggested the “R” in “NORDIC” had been accidentally omitted during printing and that we were sitting on several hundred copies of a book entitled “NO DIC FRONT”. Haha… the look on his face was priceless.
    Eric Davidson
    (Former GM, Panzerfaust Records)

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