Sentinent Interview (NeuFutur Vintage Pieces)

1. Who are the members of the band and what do they play?

The Sentient line-up as from june 1999 is: Rob – Drums G’deon – Lead Guitar David – Rhythm Guitar Vincent – Bass Richard – Keys and Screams Sander – Vocals (Sander was asked to join Sentient in februari 1999)
2. How old are each of you?

Rob – 21 G’ – 19 David – 21 Vincent – 25 Richard – 20 Sander – 23

3. When was the band formed?

Sentient was formed in februari 1998. Rob, G’ and Richard played in a band called “Al-Akhirah” (“The Afterlife” in Arabic). Because of musical differences this band broke up in 1998. The guys wanted to continue on what they believed to be ‘the right musical direction’, so they found the Berghoef brothers too complete the line-up. (The songs featured on were recorded in this line-up.) The band felt the desire to grow further from standard metal rules and asked Sander to join them. Sander was vocalist in another Dutch band called Lost Serenity, a more doom orientated band. He liked the music and it’s potential so he joined. The band is now in the proces of recording a full-lenght album which features Sander on vocals.

4. In your opinions what genre of music are you?

The most feared question in each interview…. The music, I think, can be described as “Gothic Metal” for whatever that’s worth. Sometimes it’s fast – like black metal, It always is melodic – like gothic and good doom metal and every now and then it even gets doom-like slow…….

5. In which city are you currently residing?

Dordrecht, a small (130.000 inh.) city in the south of the Netherlands, near Rotterdam.

6. What label are you on currently, and which labels have you been on?

We’re still on our own, but seems to be a nice inexpensive way to inform the world of our presence. I heard even ppl from America heard our music……

7. Have any of you played in another band?

Rich, Rob and G� played in a band called Al-Akhirah, a band more doom oriented than Sentient. Sander used to sing in a band called Lost Serenity, also more into Doom than Sentient.

8. Are you all in the process of recording an album or touring?

We’re recording our first full-length CD right now. This might take a while however, because neither Sander nor me are easily satisfied.

9. What is your favorite touring experience?

The good response by the audience. During the last gig, the crowd went wild after we had ended the Intro…… It’s also nice to meet other band in the same genre. Since the Netherlands are not that big, one meets ppl from all across the country. We have good friendships going with some of them.

10. Which bands have you toured with?

We have played gigs with Occult and Labyrinto. Both bands are well know in the Netherlands.

11. What are each of your favourite bands?

The band has a wide taste when it comes to music. I’ve put some names here purely for indicational purpose. The brothers: Korn. Vincent even likes PJ Harvey and Pearl Jam Rob: Jazz, Fusion and progressive ‘metal’ like Dream Theather. Generally everything with good drums. G’: Everything between Aerosmith and Hypocrisy (He is a big fan of easy-to-pick-up guitar tunes) Sander: The Sisters of Mercy and the Eurythmics Richard- Cradle of Filth, Anathema, Paradise Lost. Mix this up and you’re bound to get something completely different than Sentient’s music. Strange….isn’t it?

12. What was the last album each of your bought?

I can only tell which two I recently bought….Let me see….Lacuna Coil’s In A Reverie and Hypocrisy “Destroys Wacken” (live album)

13. What is the weirdest sex dream have each of you had?

I usually don’t remember my dreams. It probably was nice heheh……Why ppl forget their dreams probably has a reason……

14. Which independent label do you think helps the bands in their roster the most?

Errr. I dunno. Next question please…..

15. Which zine is your favorite?

The only one I read from time to time is a Dutch zine called “Aardschok” (Earthquake)

16. Where can people contact the band at?

Information: Sentient c/o Osman Catik Puttenstein 52 NL-3328 BK Dordrecht The Netherlands or email

17. What places do each of you work in your spare time?

Rob is a student in Industrial Product Design, in his spare time he works at the mail-service G’ is attending the Police academy and works as an electrician in his spare time Sander is a student in Informatics Vincent is a grammar school teacher David works as a book-keeper Richard is still doing college……He has had all kinds of crazy jobs…..

18. For all of our readers, are any of you single?

Only G’ (the handsome tall blondie 🙂 ) and Rich are single the rest is heavily occupied…..

19. Are you sXe or normal people?

We collectively like to think we’re normal…….

20. In your concerts, which songs by which bands do you cover?

We actually have done no covers, but the next gigs will undoubtedly feature the ‘Sentienized’ versions of Would? by Alice in Chains, Digging the Grave by Faith no More and Metallica’s Fade to Black. Covers must be a tribute to bands that do something special….Just covering some Doom or Black metal songs is a waste of time….. Sander and I even talked about covering Sleepless Night by King Diamond, but the rest of the band does not know this.

21. If you had the chance, would you sign on to a major label, or stay independent?

If the deal is good, a major label is good. Being independent is hard work. It is a bad idea to sign at the first glimpse of a major record deal, because their demands are usually very high and not always in the line of the band they sign….

22. Which Sesame Street character is the best looking?

The Dutch version stars a small girlie mouse called “Ieniemienie”, but that’s some perverse childhood fantasy…..

23.Does the band have a webpage?

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