Slough Feg Releases Their “Hardworlder”

Hardworlder is the sixth studio album for American legend Slough Feg. This band has the ability of progressing further year after year, tour after tour, album after album. Where this ability comes from it’s easy to say, it can be simply found in their perseverance, in their normality somehow, in their being true a belief: to play Heavy Metal outside of schemes, of momentary trends. Today they are finally recognized as one of the leaders of the US metal community, claimed as “influence” by young bands and artists.The cover artwork, by American cartoonist James E. Lyle, strengthens this concept; the “Hardworlder” is a man who’s been through lot of perils but still keeps on ticking… It can be seen as a metaphor of what Slough Feg was during all these years in metal. But the album itself is a tribute to Rock Music, with the best guitars ever heard on a Slough Feg album, and the precise and always present rhythmic section.

Producer Justin Phelps, incidentally an original member of Slough Feg himself, gave the right 70s focus on an album which also delivers two delicious cover songs, the Irish Folk Rock classic “Dearg Doom” (originally performed by Horslips) and the Manilla Road’s “Streetjammer”.

Line up:
Michael Scalzi – Vocals/Lead guitar
“Don” Angelo Tringali – lead guitar
Adrian Maestas – bass guitar
Antoine Reuben-Diavola – drums

Hardworlder is part of the “Try Before Buy” Cruz Del Sur campaign. It can be heard fully online:

“Picture the amphetamine-addled spirit of Phil Lynott entering the body of Slaine the Celtic barbarian and driving a tank down a crowded street on Friday night while holding a flaming guitar over his head.” – The Village Voice

“…Hardworlder is as much as guitar lover’s delight as it is a wonderfully quirky platter of vintage sounds, Celtic folk flourishes, and monster jams… unlike any other heavy metal album you’ll heard this year. Believe the hype!” – Blabbermouth

“Hardworlder is a weird breed of Heavy Metal, as if it’s a merge between their previously strong balls-to-the-wall Heavy Metal combined with cosmic-ish Progressive Rock. All I am sure about is that the end result is truly devastating, and leaves you only wanting more.” – MetalCrypt

“…Slough Feg can still deliver the music that makes them one of the best current bands in metal.” – SonicFrontiers

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