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Another month, another issue of Slug. This time, there is much less of a focus on skateboarding than was present in other issues. Of courses, there are still the ample amount of advertisements that are necessary to continue publishing this magazine. As usual, there are interviews and feature pieces with local artists (Bomb City, Exigent Records, Lisa Florman (a scholar on Picasso). However, this issue of Slug may just have two of the best pieces that I have ever seen present in their magazine. First off, there is a narrative/feature piece from Dan Rose about meeting the Murder Junkies (the debauchery of the band has not decreased in the years since GG’s death). Before going into the second strong piece of the issues, the next installment of “skate product reviews” shows individuals about new gear, including a wrist camera, a new brand of skate shoe, and a clothing line. Last but not least, there is the best piece of the issue, “How To Run Away From Home”, by Mike Brown. This piece gives individuals five tips for how to run away without getting caught, all while tying these tips into a story about a friend of eir’s, Jake. Again, Slug is one of the best scene-oriented free magazines that are on the market. Pick a copy up if you can. The best thing about Slug is the fact that they can make some local act seem important and germane foor the future of rock music. While some times the band will just poof out of existence, I am sure that Slug’s press has helped a few band achieve some modicum of success. For this, you should try to get a copy.

Rating: 7.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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