Sounds From Within Interview (NeuFutur Vintage Pieces)

Sounds From Within:
1)Who are the members of the band and what do they play?
2) How old are each of you?
3)When was the band formed?
4)In your opinions what genre of music are you?
5)In which city are you currently residing?
6)What label are you on currently, and which labels have you been on?
7)Have any of you played in another band?
8)Are you all in the process of recording an album or touring?
9)What is your favorite touring experience?
10)Which bands have you toured with?
11)What are each of your favourite bands?
12)What was the last album each of you bought?
13)What is the weirest sex dream have each of you had?
14)Which independant label do you think helps the bands in their roster the most?
15)Which zine is your favorite?
16)Where can people contact the band at?
17)What places do each of you work in your spare time?
18)For all of our readers, are any of you single?
19)Are you sXe or normal people?
20)In your concerts, which songs by which bands do you cover?
21)In you had the chance, would you sign on to a major label,or stay independant?
22)Which Sesame Street Character is the best-looking?
23)Does the band have a webpage?

1 and 2)
Dan Sorensen – 19, vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass
Bryan Elliott – 19, vocals, guitar, keyboards
Mike Hodgins – 20, bass, guitar, vocals
Steve Colmus – 19, drums, assorted percussion, arrangements

3) We formed in early February of 1999 but we’ve been playing together in various contingents for a few years now.

4) Pop rock, for lack of a better term. I really can’t say anything more than that though I really want to.

5) Baltimore, MD

6) We’re planning on doing as much independently as possible until we find a smaller label that can help us out and do things for us we can’t do ourselves. A Poplar Ridge song is being released this summer on Rabbid Rabbit record’s Spitting Seeds V compilation of Maryland bands, so thats as close as we’ve come for now.

7) Among a slew of garage bands that never saw the light of day, 3 of us were former member of Baltimore upstarts Poplar Ridge, who disbanded in April of ’99.

8) We’re recording a 5 song EP in late May and hopefull that’ll open some doors for us in terms of touring and labels and the like. As of right now we have no plans to play anywhere outside the Baltimore/Washington area for awhile. Talk to us in the fall hopefully!

9 and 10) See #8. For Poplar Ridge we played this really great show in Annapolis one time, but I’m not sure if that constitutes a “tour” because its like 25 minutes from where we live. Anyway, all these beautiful, snotty, little rich Annapolis girls saw our scraggly selves as we sat by ourselves in a corner before the show (we did not fit in at all) and just sneered and snickered. After we played they apparently thought a bit different of us and several of them gave us the “evil eye” all night thinking we were some sort of rock stars or something. I consider it a minor victory.

11) Dan – Splitsville, Foo Fighters and Aerosmith
Steve – Jawbox, Belle and Sebastian and Elliott Smith
Bryan – Wings, the Police and Tom Petty
Mike – Superdrag, Tom Petty and the Cars

12) Dan – Depeche Mode The Singles
Steve – Fountains of Wayne Utopia Parkway
Bryan – Pink Floyd The Wall
Mike – Tom Petty Echo

13) The rest of our going to leave this alone, but Dan is gonna barrel ahead with this beauty. One time he dreamt he had sex with Princess Leia, while she was still Jabba’s slave, as R2-D2 and C-3PO looked on. Don’t ask me to explain it…

14) Big Deal in NYC seem to be everywhere at once for their bands and Jeepster out of Scotland would lay down and die for Belle and Sebastian. I’d love to have backing like that.

15) We all love Rockpile, but I’m not sure if thats a fanzine or magazine. Either way Steve would like to give mad props to Alan Pinkerton, whos scathingly hilarious reviews in the “demo tape” section make him weep with laughter every month. He seriously recommends reading them.

16) Contact Steve at or Dan at iiiFlash

17) Dan keeps inventory in a warehouse and celebrates his liberation from higher learning. The rest of try to hack it in college, except for Mike who studies alot and shames Bry and mine’s GPAs.

18) Dan and Steve are very eligible bachelors (ladies, please see the contact info above). Bry and Mike are happily involved in long term relationships.

19) Mike revels in his sober lifestyle while Bry, Dan and Steve drunkenly stagger out of as many parties as possible.

20) We’ve been working on a saucy version of Hall and Oates’ “Rich Girl,” but other than that we try stick to originals.

21) It would obviously depend on the deal but there are pros and cons to both situations. We’d like to make enough money to
live off the band but we’d also like to be able to create and record whatever assinine songs/sounds we like. We’re not adverse to signing with a major label because indie cred nowadays is a fucking farce.

22) Yet again I think our answer doesn’t fit the category but its unanimous:

23) The webpage will be up soon and the address is the Swedish Chef. I dare you to show me a better looking sock.

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