Thirteenthstory #2

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This issue is incredibly small and short, and yet I got more out of it than I do with practically any other zine on the market. This issue of Thirteenthstory discusses skywriting/skytyping, reviews Inktense Pencils, and has a minor report on Hokusai, a famous Japanese painted. Perhaps most interesting to me had to be the revealing of an eBay-like site for handmade crafts called . Couple that with the existence of ACEOs (small pieces of art), and Jaye has a solid zine snapped up in just a few pages. The layout of this zine breaks up the pieces nicely as well, with simplistic backgrounds providing high amounts of contrast for ease of reading. There are pages in the middle that act as a quick break between the written pieces and articles, operating as a cool-off period before Jaye moves into the second half of this issue of Thirteenstory. I know that this is only the second issue of Thirteenthstory, but I really feel that this is a benefit for anyone that is either deep into the art scene or is a casual observer (like me). The product that ey reviews may be something I would never see in stores, but it is interesting to hear about it and makes me wish that I actually had some artistic skill. The zine may be small, but with nothing in the way of ads, packs quite a wallop. My only advice to Jaye would be to add some pages to the next issue; otherwise, keep on fighting!

Rating: 9.5/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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