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Tric has a lot of advertisements, which makes sense considering that it comes out with 5,000 copies at no charge. The advertisements are for things I’ve never heard of before, and focus slightly around businesses in the Philadelphia scene. The cover art is amazing; I would love to get a piece by the artist to put on my wall. Other art pieces are placed in this issue, but none of them have quite the same oomph as this cover art. The first piece of any real merit comes in “Weird DE”, which describes the Evergreen Nursery, a house located in Middletown, Delaware. The only weakness to this point is the fact that the text only stretches out for about a paragraph before the piece ends. Due to publishing, time, and money constraints, there are no reviews in this issue of the magazine. While it is a welcome change of pace from other zines out today, it means that the amount of prose is a little too large for all but the biggest fans of the form to be completely behind. Some of the pieces, such as “The Dying Age of Rockitude” seem to just meander with no real end in sight, while “A Death in the Family”, a comic, seems to be cut short here. “Lines”, by Brad Glanden, has a nice bit of satire to it, and “The Town on Fire” seems to be the piece that “Weird DE” should be. The musical history pieces in this issue are hit or miss, with the description of the Allentown/Philadelphia techno scene being a little lacking in interesting information, while the “Legends of Newark Rock” stretches out a little too long. Tric has a varied focus, but it seems like some of the pieces here could be shortened or otherwise deleted, to make this a more interesting read.

Rating: 6.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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