Tumor Rumors #2

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This is a zine that I unearthed from a pile of shit hat I had in my room. It is from 2005, so it has needed a review for a while now. This is the second, and I believe last, issue of Tumor Rumors to be released. This is a zine that was created by a former Kent State University student (literally, ey just had a going away party a few weeks ago). Thus, there is a lt to do with Kent State, be it the politics, police, or other issues concerning the city. There are some minor problems with this issue of the magazine. While there is an energy and pointed, yet well-written structure to the pieces here, the text is on dark pinkish-purplish paper, is about five or six point, and has a funky font that does not distinguish between letters well. Perhaps the best part to this issue of the zine has to be the wide variety of contributors, writing styles, and topics that are present. While there zine is heavy on discussing the problems that the Iraq war has brought to America and Iraq alike, pieces about news events not covered by major media are present. One of these pieces, by David Overbey, describes in detail a Supreme Court decision against medicinal marijuana where most talking heads only gave the issue a minute or two of discussion. If there are going to be more issues of Tumor Rumors (or if other individuals in the Kent State area want to start a zine), make sure that the text is large enough for individuals to comfortably read. This is coming from someone that loves to put everything in 8 point, and even I had a little trouble reading this.

Rating: 5.1/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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