Woolworthy Interview (NeuFutur Vintage Pieces)

Conducted by JMCQ

1)Who are the members of the band and what do they play?

Rudy (lead vocals, guitar), Rick (bass, phone calls), Dave (guitar, backing vocals), and TBA (We just played with a few drummers and we haven’t decided on one yet. Our old one is in Not Rebecca now).

2) How old are each of you?

We have an average age of 27, but we’re by no means adults.

3)When was the band formed?

February 1995 and we played our first show in Chicago on May 31st.

4)In your opinions what genre of music are you?

We’re hard to peg. We all like different stuff and I think it shows. It’s cool though because we do anything from all-ages shows at the Fireside Bowl to indie shows at Lounge Ax. I think we just consider ourselves a rock band.

5)In which city are you currently residing?

We all live in downtown Chicago.

6)What label are you on currently, and which labels have you been on?

We have our own label called Woolworthy Products. It’s been a little frustrating putting out our own stuff but it’s been pretty gratifying in the end. I’d like to get someone to re-release our first two records. We also have a song on a Beluga Records compilation called “Beluga on the Rocks…Round 2. It has some good Chicago bands on it like Muchacha, and Textbook.

7)Have any of you played in another band?

This is Rudy’s first band. I played in a sh*tty band called Cretinboy in 1994 that didn’t do anything other than two bad shows and a Wesley Willis song written about us. Dave is in another band called Caviar that’s the new formation of the band Fig Dish. He was also in a band called Emil Muzz that was on MTV’s make-over madness show! Don’t worry, we give him a lot of sh*t about it. Also, our new CD also has three songs on it by Dave Lysien who is in the band Not Rebecca. He was playing with us while they were on hiatus.

8)Are you all in the process of recording an album or touring?

Our new record, Sweet Second Place, should be back from the manufacturer very soon, so we’ll be playing a lot after that. I doubt we’ll tour on it, but I think some midwestern shows will definitely be in order.

9)What is your favorite touring experience?

Taking the band to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. It was at this total dive called the Decade where Pittsburghers claim that Bruce Springsteen once played. Pretty sad when that’s your claim to fame, right? It turned out to be a cool show because my mom showed up!

10)Which bands have you toured with?

We haven’t really toured because of our jobs. We’re lame. The best band we played with (in my opinion) was a band called Armchair Martian from Fort Collins, CO. Great songwriting.

11)What are each of your favorite bands?

Rudy likes the the midwestern rock like Husker Du, Replacements, & Guided By Voices, I like the pop-punk, MTX, Descendents, MXPX, etc. and Dave likes a lot of Chicago bands like Smoking Popes, Fig Dish, Triple Fast Action, etc.

12)What was the last album each of you bought?

Rick: Screeching Weasel “Emo” (I’m listening to it right now. I’m really disappointed actually)
Rudy: Superchunk “Hello Hawk”
Dave: Showoff “Self-titled”

13)What is the weirdest sex dream have each of you had?

I can’t remember any, so they must have been pretty bad. I ‘ll have to get back to you on that one.

14)Which independent label do you think helps the bands in their roster the most?

I read somewhere that Epitaph has a separate department dedicated each band. That way the band always has someone to call if they have a problem. That label might blow (except for ALL/Descendents), but that sounds like a pretty good system. I hear Touch and Go is a pretty fair label too.

15)Which zine is your favorite?

I like Thrasher and MRR, and I think Rudy likes Bikini and Raygun.

16)Where can people contact the band at?

Rick Uncapher, 1923 W. Schiller #2F, Chicago, IL 60622 or rickworthy@aol.com
(Only until September 30, 1999 because I have to move.)

17)What places do each of you work in your spare time?

Rick: Freelance Graphic Design
Rudy: Printing Company
Dave: Abbott Labs

18)For all of our readers, are any of you single?

All of us, but there are some girlfriends hanging around.

19)Are you sXe or normal people?

We love to drink!! Although, I did see Gorilla Biscuits, Bold, and Insted in 1989.

20)In your concerts, which songs by which bands do you cover?

We do “Starry Eyes” by The Records (70’s pop band), and we do a song called “Daylight” by a band called the Nils.

21)In you had the chance, would you sign on to a major label,or stay independent?

I’d prefer to stay independent because a lot of people I know have been screwed, but we don’t have either knocking at the door right now so I don’t even think about it.

22)Which Sesame Street Character is the best-looking?

It’s a tie: Bert & Ernie

23)Does the band have a webpage?


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