Agnostic Front-Raw Unleashed [ADB]

Agnostic Front-Raw Unleashed

62 songs on Grand Theft Auto in 1995. All of the songs in their unfinished format. Really short songs (under one minute) in a pre mix down format. The songs are very powerful, with excellent political lyrics. Unfortunately, the guitar lines usually are the same distorted power chords, and the guy sings the same way on most of the songs. They sound like MOD, SOD, and Exodus with fast guitar lines and slower, almost death metalish vocals, with a hint of Brit Punk mixed in. The bass lines are used very masterfully, and are used semi-often as an opening for a song. The cover the Animals (Its my life) and The Cockney Rejects (Skins come marching in/We can do anything). Agnostic Front was one of the first NYHC bands, and they should be checked out. This disc would be very good to start out with.


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