Another Nothing – New Breed [ADB]

Another Nothing-New Breed

This an 8 song full length put out on Chord records, an indie label that is in Philly. They can be emailed at . This album begins out as a screaming new hardcore song with the unoriginal title of #&@? Jam, then goes into Transpose, which has the same style of guitars but adds choruses in which they sing normally. “Still the Same” has hardcore pseudo tribal drumming at the beginning, and results in screaming. Compassionless has at the beginning Bauhaus meets Alice in Chains vocals, then goes in the typical hardcore/metal screaming. Facade has drums at the beginning that sound likes Megadeth’s “Trust”, and has a spoken word/drum thing going in the middle and Metal/HC/Punk screaming with a catchy chorus. Bleed Your Sanity is typical popcore and Noisegate is a fake brooding, ethereal song.

Rating 7/10

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