Avail – 4 AM [ADB]

Avail – 4 AM

This was released in 1996, and is on Lookout Records #128. This Is a chameleon band, with roots in Indy, Pop Punk, Metal, Rock and Hardcore.The songs are tightly written and played which gives this album a much more cohesive sound. Their are some really stupid parts to this album, like a minute long part of a guy singing acapella, which leads into a decent song (which has too many screeching guitar solos)Monroe Park. This album is pretty short, which follows the Pop Punk formula. They have a song that seems to be written for the radio, which light guitars and unthreatening singing (Armchair). Some of these songs nearly fall into mediocre Pop Punk song land (Fix). “Blue Ridge” is on the verge of being a death metal song, which screaming vocals, and a background that is “eerie”. They cover “Swing low Sweet Chariot” which leads into “FCA”, which sounds like Suicidal Tendencies meets Rancid. “Hang” is a horrible Bad Religion knock off song, and I am ashamed that I had to hear it.


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