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Aside from some crust punk albums, the runtime of “E.P.” has to be some of the shortest I’ve ever heard. This does not mean that the harder edged punk music of Botox Party is forgettable. In a way, a track like “Problematic Emotions” calls forth bands like Pulley and “Cheshire Cat” or “Buddha” era Blink 182. The production is a little bit on the weak side, but does not hinder the harmonies used by the band. Blending this Pulley/Blink type of sound with Misfits-like vocals at points during “E.P.” show that Botox Party know the genre well. “Elitist Social Class”’s opening has hints of eighties metal present in the guitar riff that fuels the song, but the vocals bring the band into more of a pop punk sound. The rapidly spat-out vocals of “Elitist Social Class” make for another short (sub two and a half minute track), keeping the energy of this recording up.

The thing that distinguishes Botox Party from all of the other punk bands that are doing breakneck albums is the fact that the band’s compositions stick with individuals for quite a long time after the disc ends. An appreciation of solid guitar work marks “Stealing Childhood”, which opens up with intense guitar shredding before the band’s vocals get to work. The band goes back to what has happened a number of times previously on “E.P.”, which has the benefit of adding to the cohesion on this album. The band is able to make an iconic sound through their work on only six tracks; while cohesion this high may bring the band into problems during a full length, it is something that is immediately endearing to individuals that listen to “E.P.”. If you like edgy pop punk music that in no way sounds like the pablum that is put out by bands like Green Day in the current, Botox Party should be a band whose album you search out.

Top Track: The Best of Times

Rating: 6.9/10

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