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“Come Home” starts out with “Juan Shoe is Gonna Rock You!”, a track that uses a duet of vocals done in a back and forth style that is given the perfect amount of support by the slightly country-tinged sound of the guitars and drums. This style reminds me vaguely of The Anniversary, but don’t get me wrong; Caleb Micah’s work here is unique and amazing in its’ own right. I could completely seeing “Juan shoe” being the next black sheep-type of hit. Micah’s vocals are incredibly hard to pin down in regards to what influences eir; during “Science (As In, She Blinded Me With), one can hear a tension between two distinctly different sounds, being those of Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and Goo Goo Dolls.

What results during this track is a classic bit of alternative rock that is given further life by the emotive, hopeful vocals of Micah during the track. “The Republic of Heaven” is in a bad space in its’ position at the third track of the disc, meaning that Micah not only has to keep cohesion high but also distance the track from where the first two hit. “The Republic of Heaven” continues with a very emotional brand of vocals but changes things up enough by modifying the balance to allow for eir vocals to stand out that much more. Result: another solid hit that will appease fans of The Replacements just as much as it does to fans of Ronnie Day and Brookside. Each track on this EP is a solid hit; I can definitely see Micah have a long, successful future ahead of eir. With all the pieces on eir end in place, all that is needed is for this superbly-talented star to strike out and wow live audiences. Pick up this album if you like alternative or indie rock, emo, or rock generally.

Top Track: Science (As In, She Blinded Me With)

Rating: 8.5/10

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