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“Declare Your Love To The Person On the Right” is the first track on “The Brain Iss Wider Than The Sky”, and it immediately defies categorization. The band is able to go forth and create a rock style that draws influences from Coldplay, Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, and even Interpol in the ultimate construction of something that is unique while still having a familiar sound. The band is able during “Declare Your Love” to have the first seventy five seconds be purely instrumental; this actually benefits the act, and when the vocals kick in in a very instrumental way (more based on the harmonies than conveying information), the progression feels much more natural than anything.

“Closer” creates a brand of indie rock music that has a lot of influence taken from the work of the mid nineties. The spread out, emotional intense instrumentation  present during this track reminds individuals of bands like The Appleseed Cast and Desert City Soundtrack, while the vocals change up the style of Thom Yorke (Radiohead). The result is again something individuals will be pleased with, as Delft come up with something new yet old. “I’m Monitored BY Aircraft” finishes off the CD, and it represents the band’s longest foray into music, tipping the scale at six minutes and ten seconds. The band does not struggle in the slightest in the create of a track that will keep listeners interested throughout the entirety of the song; rather, the progression is so compelling that individuals will clamor for more by the time that the band cuts out. Delft is a band that I was not familiar with; it is my belief that they will gradually gain popularity until that time where they sign with an Alive or Deep Elm, and can create their music for a larger audience.

Top Track: I’m Monitored By Aircraft

Rating: 6.1/10

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