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Flogging Molly – Whiskey on a Sunday / 2006 SideOneDummy / DVD + CD / http://www.floggingmolly.com / http://www.sideonedummy.com /

I wanted everyone that reads this interview to understand that I am not a fan of Flogging Molly, but that I can and will put out an objective interview. “Whiskey On A Sunday” is a full-length documentary put out by Jim Dziura. This is a fairly complete picture of the band, as the footage shot by Dziura features the band over the last two years and shows their exploits in seven countries. I knew that Flogging Molly was big in the States, and could guess that they were big in Ireland and Scotland, but to see them pull some other huge crows in different nations showed the mass appeal of the band to me. Instead of going for the fish out of water style a number of different tour DVDs in the past and present attempt to accomplish, Dziura shows the band out on the road and also in their element. The most crazy the fans get for Flogging Molly comes during their homecoming show at the Wiltern in Los Angeles; Flogging Molly just does not seem to feel like a fish out of water when they have so many fans scattered throughout the globe.

Individuals that are trying to show the allure of Flogging Molly to their children may be advised to shy away from this documentary (as there is a decent amount of cursing), but this is the band at their most real. While they do exude a lot of charm and show their real selves at a number of moments during the live shows captured on the DVD, just being able to hear the band over the crowds is something that will explain motivations well. For the band that is just about the music of Flogging Molly, an entire second piece of plastic is included with this DVD. This hunk of former oil is a live audio CD of a number of tracks, with rarities galore.

Beyond the simple live tracks (The Likes of You Again, Swagger, Black Friday Rule), there are acoustic re-toolings of other tracks that individuals may not have heard (Drunken Lullabies, The Wanderlust). There is little in this set that is extraneous. For example, even the outtakes are something that individuals want to see, and not just material that should still be on the cutting room floor. While there are outtakes and extensions to the interviews as would be present on any DVD, the ability to just pull out live performances from their context on the DVD is a smart idea. It allows individuals to go and just put on these live tracks and rock out, instead of having an emotional rollercoaster where it peaks high with the live tracks and bottoms out when someone is being interviewed. For fans of Flogging Molly and also for individuals that want to get into Flogging Molly, “Whiskey on a Sunday” is a DVD and CD collection that is bursting at the seams for information, performance clips, and more from America’s favorite Irish punk rock bands.

Rating: 6.3/10

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