H2O – One Life One Chance

H2O – One Life One Chance / 2006 MVD / 157 Minutes / http://www.h2ogo.com / http://www.mvdb2b.com /

Ever since I heard the title track from this DVD, I was a H2O fan. I have a copy of “F.T.T.W.”, and to get a chance to see them with ten years under their belt is exciting to say the least. This is another double-shot DVD; “One Life One Chance” has both a documentary about the band and a live concert (their tenth anniversary show). The film has clips of H2O’s entire life, from their time back at the 1997 Warped Tour all the way to the present. After the film ends, I think that I have more respect for the band than I di before I picked up this DVD. “One Life, One Chance” shows a band that lives the lifestyle that they sing about during all of their tracks; H2O is not simply a job for the members. The only thing that could be changed about the first section of the video is that the same song is used for about ten minutes; I like how it sounds, but the directors could use more H2O songs than that.

The interspersing of music with the actual non-show footage is a smart move by the director. This means that individuals will not get tired of the band’s antics or music early. Add the little bit of bonus material that is present on “One Life, One Chance” and individuals have anything that they want from the band. The bonus materials on this DVD include all the band’s music videos, plus another track (their cover of Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day”). However, their cover of “It Was A Good Day” is Bowdlerized; if you are doing a cover of a gangsta rap track, you do not change the lyrics. Simple as that. However, even with this minor issue, H2O is able to come forth with a DVD that will have all the viewers talking. There is just that much to see on this video that it rivals even the amount of stuff on the band’s first four CDs.

It was sad that H2O never achieved the success of a Vandals or a Bad Religion, but the intensity that they put into every track, every video, and every night on the road has earned them a legion of fans that will follow every move. The band is no worse for the wear. They are at least as fun and as rocking in 2006 as they were in 1994. A number of the punk DVDs feel rushed or do not pack enough in the way of material, but there is enough material on this DVD to keep individuals involved for a week. This DVD has piqued my interest back in H2O, and makes me hope that the band can come out with a new CD here sooner rather than later. I also have to pick up the first two H2O albums, so I might do that as well. “One Life, One Chance” is well worth the purchase price.

Rating: 7.0/10

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