Heavy Arillery Signs Swedish Band Enforcer


Launching their latest campaign in the war against false metal, HEAVY ARTILLERY is proud to announce the addition of Swedish speed metal powerhouse ENFORCER to their growing arsenal of bands. Regarded highly within the thriving international metal community, ENFORCER have carved their niche with a unique combination of sounds from New Wave of British Heavy Metal and the manic riffing of early American speed metal. The three ENFORCER tracks featured on the SPEED KILLSÂ…AGAIN compilation further bolstered the bandÂ’s rapidly growing fan base and served as a harbinger of things to come with their debut full-length album scheduled for release in early 2008 (release date TBA).


ENFORCER never miss an opportunity to play live in their native Sweden and are scheduled to appear at the KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL in Germany on November 3rd 2007 alongside fellow Swedes PORTRAIT, NWOBHM legends PAGAN ALTAR, American thrashers TOXIC and others. Look for Enforcer on the road in the USA and throughout Europe in support of their debut album in 2008. Prepare to enter the world of ENFORCER where heavy metal is the law!


Listen to ENFORCER at http://www.myspace.com/enforcerswe  

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