Introducing Our Little Hymnal

The apex of Our Little Hymnal comes in the form of “Marylawn Hair.” Multiple loops and moody harmonies fire off in the background keeping the song moving forward, while allowing the band to channel some of shoegaze’s heyday and intertwine with some of prog rocks finest moments as well.

“‘Marylawn Hair’ rolls through from beginning to end,” says bass player Scott Vangenderen. “I love playing it live because I don’t have the chance to blink an eye.”

Comprised of songs created over a five-year time span, Our Little Hymnal was created by John Mosloskie (vocals/guitars/keys/banjo/slide guitar), Ryan Smith (drums/percussion), Ryan Cheresnick (guitars), Scott Vangenderen (bass), Mike Ortega (keys/guitars/vocals) and Lou D’Elia (guitars) to join an experimental panoramic ambience with urban undercurrents and a forceful and impetuous rejoicing. The result is the untainted sound of freedom.

Holler, Wild Rose dates:
09.13 Clifton, NJ @ Redemption Studios (special listening party)
09.17 Brooklyn, NY @ The Luna Lounge (record release party)
09.22 Brooklyn, NY @ Sugarland (Holler, Wild Rose! DJ sets/ dance party)

“Our Little Hymnal takes bits from almost too many of my favorites, tossing in elements of Sigur Ros, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and The Verve. I know I know… It is almost a mind explosion worth of sources, but somehow this New Jersey band was able to harness those powers and channel them into a damn beautiful album.” – The Tripwire

“This music is always adding something, you can bury yourself in the mix discovering new sounds and instruments … The overall depth of the album keeps one coming back for more to find new spaces within the songs.” –

“Had The Verve not imploded, and instead hired a Thom Yorke-ophile Jeff Buckley to sing his interpretation of Sigur Rós covering Loveless, you’d have Holler, Wild Rose!. Our Little Hymnal creates the dark, almost frighteningly personal, ultimately redemptive atmospherics of a moving black and white art film. This is music to immerse oneself in — unplug everything else, put on the headphones, turn out the light, recline comfortably, and let the songs carry you off to wherever each takes you.” – Ted Leibowitz, BAGeL Radio

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