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Landmarq – Turbulence: Live In Poland / 2006 MVD / /

Throughout the years, I’ve played with a little progressive metal but I’ve never really gotten into progressive rock. Landmarq is an act that makes me wish that I had checked out some of those acts earlier; this DVD captures their performance in Katowice, Poland from 2005. Landmarq’s talent is at such a high level that even when they take different performances from different periods in their career, the styles and overall style syncs up to make something that is much more than the sum of its parts. The video from 2005 is sharp, but this is not to say that the video from Holland in 1993 (“Killing Fields”) is poor; it is right up there in terms of quality.

The audio is what one would expect from a MVD product; if individuals did not have a video referent and the crowd cheering at points, it would be easy to pass this off as a studio album. Individuals may not have an idea who Tracy Hitchings was before they stuck “Turbulence” in their player, but the power that ey brings to the table with each and every track is something that is just not paralleled in current music of any format.

This DVD has nothing in common with the el cheapo types that are found right by the registers in Wal-Mart, as the amount of bonus features that this DVD contains rivals even The Criterion Collection set of DVDs. What is the best bonus feature for me as someone new to the band is the biography that is continued within; since I had no idea about the band prior to sticking the DVD in, this really got me up to snuff about the act before going into the rest of their performances. Landmarq’s “Turbulence” DVD also has something that I’ve never seen before when I’ve reviewed DVD; it panders heavily to those individuals that would watch this DVD in their computer. All new computers (I believe) have a DVD player included; knowing this fact, there are downloadable images of the band as well as links that individuals can click onto for more information. This DVD is actually under $20, so foor a blast of free air in current music, pick up this DVD. For a true multi-media experience, pick up this DVD, and for something that will take literally twelve hours to fully explore, pick up this DVD. For the fans of Landmarq, this DVD provides some retooled classics, and a visual side to the band that American audiences may not have had the ability to see. There is no reason for an individual not to pick up this DVD, as it has something for everyone and it is done with such a high quality that even videophiles, who want to have the best video and audio tests for their systems, will have a reason to search this out in their local stores and purchase it. Here’s to hoping that I see and hear more of Landmarq in the near future; this disc is simply amazing.

Rating: 8.0/10

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