Laura Aidanblaise – Get Thee to the World

Laura Aidanblaise – Get Thee to the World / 2007 Self /

“Get Thee to the World” shows Aidanblaise as one of the most innovative indie artists currently creating music. While it is a forgone conclusion that most instrumentation is created to highlight a singer, Aidanblaise takes this to its’ logical conclusion. The pacing and emotional intensity of the instrumentation is directly linked to Aidanblaise’s vocals, something that becomes clear during “That Old Road”. While the song may sound a little bare at time, the organic approach allows a raw, visceral intensity that few artists can channel.

“That Old Road” ends quietly, but individuals are forever changed by the powerful vocals of Aidanblaise. “Charlie’s Guns” flips the script in that the instrumentation starts the track, instead of being influenced by the vocals. This means that there is a little dissention present between these two parts of Aidanblaise’s sound. This does not create musical dissonance, but rather enables both pieces to ratchet themselves up in a rivalry. What results is a different sound for Aidanblaise and one in which all listeners will be enthralled. The song is deliberate and quiet, but this is largely a façade. The façade hides an anger and energy in Aidanblaise’s voice that comes forth during the chorus, and links Aidanblaise to prior singers like Fiona Apple and Bjork. “Bloodlove” provides yet another style to link to Aidanblaise. While there is an outward sound that is similar to other songs on the EP, Aidanblaise’s vocals brings her into a Vetiver /Jana Hunter / Dicristina direction.

The tracks on “Get Thee to the World” are cohesive, even if they do direct listeners to different styles and approaches. “Bloodlove” includes a chorus that will actually bring listeners to sing along after their first few listens to “Get Thee to the World”. The replay value of this EP is only helped by the inclusion of a track like “Bloodlove”, as it completely demolishes any ideas that individuals may have about who Aidanblaise is, who Aidanblaise is influenced by, and what styles of music will be present on “Get Thee to the World”. I have no doubt in my mind that Aidanblaise will be able to transfer the energy and skill shown on this EP to a longer format. Keep an eye on Aidanblaise and pick up that full-length release, as I believe that she still have many other directions in which she could take her music. The style may be a little specialized, but the rewards will be great if individuals give enough of their attention to this EP.

Top Track: Bloodlove

Rating: 6.9/10

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