Noam Chomsky – Imperial Grand Strategy

Noam Chomsky – Imperial Grand Strategy / 2006 MVD / 220 Minutes / / Reviewed 29 May 2006

DVDs that deal primarily or completely with speeches are hard to pony up the money for; this is due to the fact that the video section of the disc is unnecessary. Individuals can just listen to what Chomsky is saying, and not have to look at the screen once. Of course, there are different cameras and there can always be charts and graphs, but at some point the speech will explain everything pretty well. However, at around $20, one can get a DVD that is full of information and is critical of the Bush administration without being heavily into conspiracy theories. Chomsky is very calm and collected; ey is stuck behind a table for the entirety of the speech. The speech is done primarily in a monotone, but this lecture is extremely informative and will get individuals listening in regardless of their ideological leaning. The lecture discusses the title formation, the “imperial grand strategy”.

In a sense, what Chomsky is discussing here is the same thing that was discussed in the book “Worse Than Watergate”, albeit taking place a few months after the book was finished. What is the role of the United States in the Middle East and what is the goal of United States foreign policy after 9/11? How do nations react to the desires and whims of the United States? The disc is over three hours long but individuals with only a passing interest in what Chomsky has to say will be riveted to their seat. The only thing that seems to hold Chomsky back from completely succeeding in providing information to those that were present at the lecture and those that bought the DVD is that there is few in the way of parenthetical citations. I have no reason not to believe Chomsky and I’m not sure exactly how MVD or Chomsky themselves would be able to show that, but I would like to know where this type of information came from. The interview that ends the DVD with Barry Pateman is something that will break the monotony of the discussion as it feels warmer when there is a direct interaction between Chomsky and someone else.

The discussion of anarchism that begins the interview is very informative and will get individuals a litany of sources and events that can be picked up. This is not a DVD that will wow individuals with the visual, but the sheer amount of information that is put on the table during the lecture and the later interview will make the purchase price low. This is not the hour or so speech that is syncopated for common consumption on CSPAN, and individuals can watch it anytime they wish (instead of the 2 or 3 am when they show progressive or liberal thinkers), and this means that “Imperial Grand Strategy” is a DVD that any political scientist or individual interested in politics should put on their purchase list.

Rating: 7.6/10


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Author: James McQuiston

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