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The Action Design – Into A Sound / 2007 Pop Smear / 6 Tracks / / /

The first track on “Into A Sound” is “The Scissor Game” and it gives The Action Design a rock meets goth type of sound that really brings the band into a Nightwish or an Evanscence sound in my opinion. The second track on the disc is “Eyes On Me”, and aside from being a more pop-influenced track, hints of dance music present themselves just as the Rasputina influence does. The end result is that The Action Design is a catchy act that is quite like a chameleon; each track varies the approach enough that individuals are always left wondering what is next from the band. There are only six tracks on “Into A Sound”, and six different sounds promptly issue forth from the disc. The best track on “Into A Sound” has to be “City Committee”.

While the pop vocals of “Eyes On Me” stick around, a Pennywise (“Bro Hymn”-type) of bass line is thrown into the mix. This bass line interacts with the pop vocals as well a decidedly more indie-rock approach to make an eclectic track that practically anyone listening in can like. This does not mean that the second half of the disc (with “The Question Is How”, “Connect/Disconnect”, and “Laundry Day”) slacks, but that the second half is a fundamentally different creature than the first. The band oinly hangs onto the EP for a smidge over twenty minutes, but the well-written and catch songs on “Into A Sound” will stick with individuals well after the disc stops spinning. The music here would be perfect for a party or other bouncy social situation; buy this EP and make it a point to pick up the band’s LP whenever they come out with it. Given the right publicity, the scintillating styles of The Action Design will reach millions of interested individuals.

Top Track: The Question Is How, City Committee

Rating: 7.8/10

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