The Hazey Janes – Always There

The Hazey Janes – Always There / 2006 Measured / 3 Tracks / /

“Always There” is the first track on this EP, and it sounds like The Hazey Janes have heard a lot of “Big Me”-era Foo Fighters. The opening strains of the track have a high amount of this influence, with only later the band taking a sixties boy band (think a blend of equal part Beatles and Beach Boys) sound. “Always There” is a track that relies heavily on earlier styles, but the energy brought to the track by The Hazey Janes is solid enough to keep individuals interested. The use of multiple instrumental levels beyond what is traditionally heard from the band is what makes this barely two minute track into something that individuals have to write home about. “Something Between Us” has a similar spring in its’ steps, operates from the same stylistic approach, and provides individuals with the second straight Hazey Janes track. The band works in a larger band during this track, as there are slower and quicker parts of this track. The use of multiple vocal layers during this track is similar to how this construct was used during “Always There”. The band makes a strong start during this mini WEP,, and the band’s retro sound will be something to enjoy regardless of one’s musical tastes.

Top Track: Something Between Us

Rating: 6.5/10

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