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Vices Make My Life More Interesting is a zine that not only discusses the editor’s (Aaron Cynic’s) dealing with different types of vices such as alcohol (“Pick Your Poison”), but rather eir time working at the local ACE Hardware, the “importance of machismo”, and even presents a scene missing (due to the author’s laziness). This zine is interesting to me due to the fact that there are a number of styles that operate in this issue. Cynic has been around the zine scene for a few years, so ey knows how exactly top keep individuals wanting to read more.

Rather than just have all the pieces in the issue using 12 point Times New Roman layouts, some issues have normal fonts, others (such as the machismo piece) are diagrams, and still others (“The Only Good Fight Is The One I Win” feel like a negative of what iis usually done,with white text on a black background. The pieces themselves are all relatively short (only lasting for two pages at the most), but Cynic does well in increasing the re-readibility of this issue. Stories are interesting, individuals can feel themselves as a part of the narrative, and the end result is something that individuals will want to keep in the bathroom or other high-traffic area. Check out Cynic’s other projects, including the ZineWiki ( and Diatribe Media (which is linked at the top). Cynic is one of the more prolific authors in the scene, so keep a close eye on eir.

Rating: 6.5/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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