A Step Behind – This Is What We’ve Become

A Step Behind – This Is What We’ve Become / 2007 Self / 5 Tracks / http://www.astepbehind.com /

“Kicked Our Fate and Killed Desire” is the first track on “This Is What We’ve Become”, and it shows A Step Behind as an act that is going back to the style of emo music that was big in 2003 and 2004. The vocal qualities present during this opening track are the high part of this track, but the other parts of the band are impressive in their own right. The guitar lines that highlight the vocals on this track break beyond the traditional “emo” or hardcore sound and are surprisingly fresh for a genre that has been done to death during the last five years. Topping off the track has to be the breakdown, which allows the vocals to shine on their own before the rest of the band weighs in.

“Truth Be Told” starts stuttering (a design of the drum arrangements during this track) before going into emotion-filled guitar lines that will tug on listeners’ heartstrings before the vocals draw attention away. The vocals again step up and shine the brightest of all constituent parts and blend together Yellowcard and Green Day, to create an emotionally vibrant track that does not seem sappy or insincere. The title track may be the track that breaks A Step Behind; the starkly angular style of the track differentiates it from the rest of this EP’s fare, while the eighties guitar will rend and flay skin made supple by the beauty of “Truth Be Told”. A Step Behind may not be on a label at this time, but give them a few more years and I can see them sharing a stage with A Step Behind or even Coheed. A Step Behind come out of left field, rock for about twenty minutes and fade out. You’ll never be the same

Top Track: This Is What We’ve Become

Rating: 7.5/10

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