Boulder – The Rage of It All [ADB]

Well thought out guitar riffs that sound extremely well by this metal band. The riffs have more of the 80s feel, and they are perfect to mosh to. Boulder’s vocals consist of screaming, and the drums are just average. The solos by the guitarist are really good as well. Excellent sounding classic thrash metal from these guys in Ohio. These guys are supposed to have an awesome live show. If you are a fan of great guitarist, buy this, but if you dont and you like melodic metal, stay away from the disc. The screaming and the great guitars work well together to make a pretty damn decent sound. Boulder has so much talent that their video could be played on Muchmusic’s loud. Boulder sounds like you mixed Morbid Angel with 70’s Van Halen, which creates a great sound .Besides sounding like that, Boulder encompasses every other form of metal on this sweet disc. the guitarist definatly has talent, the vocals will be hoarse in 5 years, and the drummer is average.


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Author: James McQuiston

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