Caterpillar Tracks – Scrape The Summer

Caterpillar Tracks – Scrape The Summer / 2007 Phratry Records / 5 Tracks / /

Caterpillar Tracks is an act that we know well at NeuFutur. We reviewed their self-titled album a few years back, and “Scrape The Summer” continues with the same rich style. “It’s Scientific, Goddamn” is a track that has a lot of Replacements and 1986-era Goo Goo Dolls present in the overall sound, but this sound is moderated by “Pablo Honey”-like Radiohead and just a little bit of the angular sound of a Franz Ferdinand. Tie that all together with a set of vocals that sounds like Jordan’s (Against Me!) before the band sold their soul to Sire, and what one has with the opening of “Scrape The Summer” is a damn catchy track. “How Secure, Secure” continues with the same energy present during “It’s Scientific, Goddamn”, and throws in a set of guitars that are looking back to seventies rock and modifies the vocals a little bit to reflect more of a Latterman influence.

“Oh Middle Brow” is the disc’s shortest track, clocking in barely above two and a half minutes, and seems to be the one track that sets the instrumentation at a level that even exceeds that of the vocals. This different dynamic makes the track even more special and the effective length much longer than the length would normally allow for – individuals can zone out to the sizzling guitars and chunky bass lines present on this track.  “Slippery Slope” goes full-blown seventies with the linkage of guitar and drum, and the result is yet another strong one by Caterpillar Tracks. Speaking editorially, I’m damn sorry I gave CT a 6.8 on their last album; I’m still scratching my head on that one. It may be because the band shines brighter on a shorter format or that they’ve evolved over the last few years, but Caterpillar Tracks are one hell of a band.

Top Track: It’s Scientific, Goddamn

Rating: 7.5/10

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