Emperor – In the Nightside Eclipse [ADB]

This is an 8 song release by these 4 guys from Europe on Century Black, which is a division of Century Media. Sounds of battle start off this cd, which leads into a atypical death metal song- screaming, 300 mph drum beats, and not very noticeable lead guitars. Usually, the lead guitar makes the death metal band, but I guess the harmonies thrown in are the main focus of the album. I have no clue why this band does not appeal to me. It simply does not have the great sounds of My Dying Bride, or the great guitars played by the Cradle of Filth. The first song worth listening to is song 4 “Beyond the great west forest” and that is because there is some decent guitars, then it turns to boring death metal. Emporer starts the songs off great, but then it just turns into blurg graggle, blurg urg style music, which makes it sound like shit. Oh and by the way Barton, its not the recording…..they just suck!
Rating: 3/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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