Finn Bros – S/T [ADB]

This album is on Discovery Records and it was released in 1995 with 11 songs. This is Indy rock done by two bothers that are Australian. They sound only like one other Aussie band, and that is Midnight Oil. Their influences also include Bowie, and Elvis Costello. This is slow tempoed music. The vocals are alright, but the whole presentation of the music is incredibly boring. The two brothers write and play all the instruments on their songs except for the last song. Discovery Records can be contacted at and they can be called at 18003779620. Most of the songs have a decidedly 1960s feel, from Prep 1960s to Psychedelic 1960s. Most of the songs on the CDs are love songs .They are very versatile musicians, but they dont get and 1990s sounding songs.

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Author: James McQuiston

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