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Now, I am much more familiar with either independent movies or music, but adult videos are something that does fall into my “If I get it sent to me for review, it will be reviewed” clause. This video is the first foreign adult film I’ve seen, coming from our English buddies, and it contains scenes with four different women and the same well-endowed star. This star, who is in the same boat as Ron Jeremy (huge gift, but somewhat lacking in the looks department), pleases the three women the same way, moving from the breasts to the vagina in the earliest scenes, then only mixing up his technique after a certain point. The do-it-yourself style of the video really reminds me of Irvine Welsh’s latest novel, Porno, in which Sick Boy and Renton make an adult film. The thing that really makes FAAB #2 stand out from the rest of the adult films that I have watched is the quality of the looks of the girls. While it may be that I watch more alternative (and specialized) adult films than simply an anal sex-themed tape, these girls are genuinely cute. The only thing that causes me to not like this film in a way is the extremely poor dialogue/situation set-ups that bridge the sex scenes, which involve dialogue that is completely scripted, yet is messed up at times. The sex scenes are typical, but the camerawork during them is set up in such a way that many scenes are just of the male’s posterior, obscuring insertion for a camera-filling shot of cheek. Strong for an independently made adult film, but it still has room to grow. For example, one of the outside dialogue scenes is almost completely obscured by a heavy wind, something that could be easily fixed in an overdub or even something as cheap as providing a wind barrier of some sort. The girls are fine, dressed acceptably in clothes appropriate for their age bracket (except the latex nurse outfit, which does probably play to a large number of fantasies). If anal sex is your bag, pick up this tape. It comes with its two companions (Volumes 1 and 3) for 50 pounds, and Freddie’s World can make it into a NTSC-compatible tape.

Rating : 5.8/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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