I15 – Lost in Love

I15 – Lost in Love / 2007 Interscope / 4 Tracks / http://www.i15music.com /

I15 is another type of R&B / boy band that is done much in the vein of a B2K. “Lost in Love” is typical radio fare, but the act is really able to hook fans with a catchy chorus and multiple-vocal harmonies. This single features the “Radio”, “Album”, “Instrumental”, and “A cappella” version of the track. What would have been nice is an inclusion of a second track on the disc, but this track is so catchy that i15 can be forgiven. The instrumentation on “Lost in Love” is nothing outstanding, but acts perfectly in regard to how it highlights each of the three members of the act. Regardless, this is a single that will make individuals stand at attention; by the time the act is able to release their first full length, they will already have a dedicated fan base. The added tracks may not be that much of a deal breaker, but they do provide different interpretation of “Lost in Love”. If you like the work of individuals like Usher, Omarion, or B2K, then i15 will be right down your alley. If you like your R&B to have a little bit more jazz or adult themes, I would have to recommend other acts.

Rating: 6.3/10

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