JFT – Just For Today [ADB]

JFT-2 Song Single-Farren Music-1999
. The bassist for JFT learned from the Matt Freeman school of bass playing, which is to play fast and noticible. The songs generally have a pop-punk sound . This cd has very catchy, excellent planned hooks. The songs rangs about two and a half minutes, which is normal for punk songs but short for all other songs. If the band is properly promoted, they could become the next big hit, but they will probably live in obscurity. JFT sounds like Blink 182 and NOfx, and the CD length is 5 minutes and 8 Seconds.

The Full Length Arrives!

The band is great, doing a Descendants Cover.The songs are amazingly short, falling in between 1:30 and 2:30. John, with who i am interviewing, plays a awesome sounding guitar and has a great voice. Eric, the drummer is also really fucking great. When i see the phrase “Melodic Punk” it makes me shudder. That all changed the minute i listened to the album. This is 15 songs about everyday life
Rating 8.5/10

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