Limelight Girls Vol. 6

Limelight Girls Vol. 6 / 2004 Limelight Productions / / Reviewed 12 December 2004

Beginning the DVD with a lack of plot that is beyond apparent (the movies starts off with Angelica Knight mounting the male actor, one can’t blame Limelight for cutting out all inessential pieces from their movie. A lack of music is painfully obvious during the first scene, as the noises created by Knight’s oral manipulation are pretty much the only thing to hear, beside some poorly-miced conversation. One minor issue though is the mugging toward the camera that Knight is guilty of; something that can be forgiven with the minor change-up from the normal Limelight Girls video – the guy standing over the girl while she manipulates his undercarriage. Angelica also gets points for having her own style in the scene that she seems to be different in terms of style and look than the average porn girl – but shant we expect anything less from Limelight Productions? One major thing that has been present before but not really mentioned is the second actor, who does provide a cleaner, more youthful look to the action.

Rhiannon Bray is next, and the action again starts without any pretense, with our first glimpse of the actress happening presumably after coitus. Cunnilingus at the beginning of this scene finishes up the gamut of sexual activities to be seen on this volume of Limelight. Cameron James’ scene finally brings some narrative to the story, as far fetched as it may be, but can actually act! The natural breasts of Cameron provide yet another avenue, another twist to this volume of Limelight Girls that provides one other segment of the porn-watching populace with something to release over. An interesting technique employed by Cameron that just needs to be mentioned is the violent bouncing that she does as she is engaged with the male actor, something that has not been previously shown (at least to my knowledge) on a Limelight video.

Kinky Kerry finishes off this video, another exotic girl employed by Limelight. The insistence of Kerry in keeping her glasses on is beyond arousing, framing her face in a way that is enjoyable for all. Dildo-play occurs during the Kerry scene, and this last little kink is proof positive that Limelight has not rested on their laurels after 6 solid films. Here’s to hoping for six more! The only discernible issue I could find with this volume would happen to be the lack of music. I can see where individuals may be turned on by the noises of lovemaking, but I don’t know – each slurp and vacuum-seal noise sounds more laughable than ultimately arousing.

Rating: 7.0/10

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