Lost Eden – Cycle Repeats

Band: Lost Eden – Cycle Repeats / 2007 Candlelight / 10 Tracks / http://www.lost-eden.com / http://www.candlelightrecordsusa.com /

Lost Eden is a dynamic metal band straight out of Japan. They have recently signed to Candlelight Records and for good reason, they are one of the most melodic metal bands to hit the scene. With tracks like “Squeeze”, “Forsaken Last”, and “Time Damages Me” they keep you tapping along and longing for more. Their sound is so unique taking traditional death metal to a symphonic limit that sounds so right to the ear.

This band takes it to the extreme with amazing vocals that throws your very being into an emotional cycle. They incorporate their gut wrenching shrieks with a very nice complimentary harmonic vocal sound in many of their well written chorus. Unlike many of the bands that fill the metal scene today, Lost Eden provides its listeners with a hard sounding roar that can be easily sung along to. In combination with blasting progressive guitar riffs that will stick in your mind for hours and leave your bones rattling, their solos take you on a mind blowing trip. This band brings the whole package. One can’t leave out the pounding double bass that will blow your brain. This band gets you out of your seat and rocking out like their is no tomorrow. I could not keep my toes from tapping along.

After listening to this album once I was hooked. Every song is blended with all the right elements. They take bits and pieces that make all the great metal bands what they are and brought them into a single album that will no doubt bring them to the top of any metal-heads list after hearing them. Although Lost Eden is not as well known now this debut album “Cycles Repeat” is sure to bring them to a level of popularity. They are said to be “Japan’s Best Kept Secret” and this is very prevalent. Their music digs into your deepest emotions of anger and depression and allows for an all needed escape bringing you to a higher plateau in every essence of the meaning. They are in fact Japan’s best kept secret.

Top Tracks: Squeeze, Forsaken Last, Time Damages Me

Rating: 8/10


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