Lower East Side Stitches / Murphy’s Law Split 7 inch [ADB]

Lower East Side Stitches / Murphy’s Law Split 7 inch (3000 Print) Red Vinyl (NG Records)

This vinyl was made because of Der Fuhrer’s Guiliani’s views on the police brutality that recently occurred in NYC. The LES Stiches song on this album is “NYC is dead”, and the Murphy’s law song on this was “Quality of Life”. “NYC is Dead” is on the Stitches newest album, Staja98LES ,which a review of is on my page. “NYC” is an awesome anthem, with all around great vocals, guitars, lyrics, and everything else. These guys Definitely have the classic New York Blood flowing through their Veins, and this effort is perfect.

LES Stitches-Rating: 8.5/10

Murphy’s Law- The song, “Quality of Life” starts off with some excellent sound clips, and ML has a sort of old Offspringish sounding funk. This song is a magnum opus, a cornerstone of what political punk should be. Ml is Definitely influenced by Surf Punk, as evidenced by the solos on this track.

Murphy’s Law-Rating: 8/10

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