M.O.D. – USA for M.O.D. [ADB]

This was released in 1987 on Megaforce records, and this has 23 songs. MOD, which stands for Masters of Destruction, sounds like DRI mixed with old (read:good) Exodus. The guitars are fast, which mostly brutal riffs on the low end of the E and A strings. The leas singer Bill Milano, half talks/screams his way through each songs. This screaming limits each of the songs to only 1 or 2 minutes a piece. The bassist (Ken Gallone) is used at the beginning of songs, and he is half way decent. This is ignorant punk/hardcore, with songs like AIDS (Anally Inflicted Death Sentence), Bubble Butt, and Aren’t you hungry. Apparantly a member or two from MOD founded SOD, the Stormtroopers of Death, and do the same metal noise, only in a more racist sort of way ( Exp:Speak English or Die). I like feeling the tribal, group masturbating experience of MOD.

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Author: James McQuiston

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