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Obviously, it would not be fair to directly compare the PSP version of NBA ’08 with the version for the PS3. However, what the PSP version may lack in graphics or rendering is easily made up for with a number of interesting mini games, such as Fast Break, Alley-Oop and Block-a-Shoot. There is a “conquest mode” present during this iteration of a game that forces players to win specific territories and keep them up, where awards from these matches brings skill points and upgrades to the player. These upgrades make the next territories that much easier to hang with, and these points turn a baller into one of the best players in the game. The coupling of these skill points with the mini games present in this version of NBA ’08 make this into a great handheld game.

If individuals get bored with trying to take over a territory, they can screw around in the mini game section, or completely change the style of gaming (by playing “Shooting Bricks”, a game that is reminiscent of breakout. For those individuals that have to keep up with the trades, injuries, and the like, the PSP allows individuals to update the rosters as well as add different versions of the mini games for their continued enjoyment. However, what I feel is the selling point behind the PSP version of NBA ’08 has to be the multiplayer component of the game. Individuals can either play against their friend or get on a network and play individuals from a wide range of locations and skill levels.  As has been mentioned, the PSP is simply unable to create the same level of graphic intensity as the PS3.

However, the game does not run slower in the slightest; both versions of the game run at 60 frames per second, which allows individuals to respond and gain a PSP response without feeling like the game is lagged down or is otherwise slow. The season mode that is present in this version of NBA ’08 adds the final piece to the puzzle; individuals are able to pick individuals off of waivers, trade individuals, and modify their teams to their hearts’ contents. There is no reason why individuals would not be benefitted by picking up copies of this game for both systems; each game provides different aspects of play rather than the PSP version being a reduced PS3 version.

Rating: 7.1/10

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