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Parsley Flakes – We Need Friends / 2007 Self / 8 Tracks / /

I’ve seen the Parsley Flakes live about five times, and I was a little afraid that they would not be able to capture their live magic on this studio album. However, after the first few seconds of “Ladylove”, I was reassured. The style of music that the Parsley Flakes play is an electronic-cum-punk rock blend that has hints of The Network, B-52s, and Devo strewn throughout its drum and synth-heavy landscape. The two vocals work together well throughout all eight tracks, but it is in these vocals that the one problem shows itself. This problem is that the vocals are hard to hear amongst the loud and raucous guitar work of tracks like “Count of Three”. Sure, individuals can hear the vocals, but it is a crap shoot to understand what is exactly being said. Saying that, the intensity of the band is far beyond that of any other act, while the arrangements are fresh and interesting.

The break-neck speed of a “Count of Three” will get individuals up and bouncing around the room, while the harmonies achieved during “No Guns” have a parallel in the quiet/loud dichotomy present in the work of Contravene. In regards to a “crossover hit”, “No Guns” may just be that; the instrumentation quiets down and is less cluttered than in other tracks. However, it may just be Parsley Flakes’ cover of “That’s All” that will get the most individuals talking. “That’s All” is originally a Genesis track, and it is a testament to the ability of the band that they are able to make it into their own sound. Hell, the first time I heard “That’s All”, I was convinced it was an original. It was only when I heard that it was a cover that I truly understood the impressive nature of the track. Keep an eye on the Parsley Flakes and check them out if they make it to a town around you.

Top Track: Fuck the Media

Rating: 7.5/10

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