Prison of the Psychotic Damned

I love independent film studios. They always provide a freshness to the genre in which they create films, and Red Scream Films LLC is no different. One of their new films is “Prison of the Psychotic Damned”, and it follows the rich low-budget horror tradition that early Craven and Corman were instrumental in creating in years past. “Prison” deals with what happens to five individuals that stop by a train terminal to crash out. The terminal is haunted, and that the members of the party start dropping like flies, killed by the haunting spirits present in the terminal . Death was not what was planned; the group was attempting to film some sort of documentary about the train station and themselves end up being newsworthy. The film’s effects provide a creepy atmosphere that sticks with individuals well after the film wraps up. The work of director D.W. Kann will only get better from here, and “Prison” shows that Kann has an incredible amount of talent that will only increase in time. Check out RedScream Films for the latest and greatest in low and no budget horror films; the graphics might not be at the level of Saw, but the stories told surpass that set of movies at every turn.

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Author: James McQuiston

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