Scum Of the Earth Return with “Sleaze Freak”

“…‘heavy-as-hell, grinding, stripper-rock.’”

ThatÂ’s how Metal Edge recently described the sophomore album by the bloodiest band of heavy metal hellions, SCUM OF THE EARTH (fronted by former Rob Zombie guitarist, Riggs). The band is gearing up for another explosive assault with SLEAZE FREAK, the follow up to 2004’s critically acclaimed BLAH…BLAH…BLAH…LOVE SONGS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM, which spawned the bandÂ’s first hit single, “Get Your Dead On.”

A long time in the making, SLEAZE FREAK will be released October 23 on Eclipse Records, just in time for Halloween. Riggs’ comrades in Scumdom are Brandon (bass, background vocals), Skylar (guitar), and Adrian Ost (drums).

“Bombshell From Hell” is SLEAZE FREAKÂ’s first single, which is going for radio adds October 15. A performance video for the track—directed by Ron Najor (Angels & Airwaves)–was recently shot in Los Angeles and should invade TV and Internet airwaves within the next couple of weeks.

SLEAZE FREAK—which was written and produced by Riggs–contains 13 new songs (including “I Am Monster,” “Macabro Expectaculo” and “Corpse Grinders”), a cover and 28-page full-color booklet with exclusive artwork by self-proclaimed “Freakazoid” artist Paul Garner, plus a bonus 30-minute DVD packed with unbridled, no-holds-barred confessions by Riggs, featuring behind-the-scenes footage of Riggs and the band. diva and metal goddess, Metal Sanaz, also appears on the DVD, recording her vocals on “Love Pig.” SheÂ’s been posting video blogs of the band from recording sessions shot at Studio 2100 in Springfield, MO since June.

Most of the songs on the new album were recorded with Riggs’ one-of-a-kind “Skin” guitar. It’s a custom Fernandes Vertigo guitar wrapped in real pigskin thatÂ’s been sewn together. Riggs is planning to have various artists tattoo the pigskin in the future. Two tattoos currently decorate the guitar: one of a skull and crossbones and one with the words “fuck you” along the top which only Riggs can see when heÂ’s playing the guitar.

“I wanted it to look like ‘Leatherface’ from ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’ except on a guitar,” explains Riggs. “I’ll have it forever, so I’m planning on having a bunch of artists put tattoos on it. Hopefully it’ll be a few years before it starts to fall apart, although it’s already starting to smell and rot a little. But it’s still cool. It also kind of looks like Freddy Kruger’s face.”

He is also the owner and creator of another one-of-a-kind guitar made by Fernandes–a lucite one filled with fake blood, which can be seen in the “Bombshell From Hell” video. “I put it together with the president of Fernandes years ago,” says Riggs. “We messed around with water to make sure it wouldnÂ’t spill out when I played it. It sounds amazing.”

The new music, 13 tracks of searing stripper-metal, capitalizes on the same formula which worked perfectly on BLAH…BLAH…BLAH…, but with more guitar solos, slick, percussive bass lines and Riggs’ trademark blood-steeped lyrics. The first single, “Bombshell From Hell,” flaunts a hard-driving, instrumentally lacerating sound, which screams out to the world, letting us know that SCUM OF THE EARTH are unleashed and getting their dead on once again.

For Riggs, making music with SCUM OF THE EARTH is like bringing things full circle, many times over. As he explains, “It’s hard starting over again, because I’ve been in bands for 17 years. I started off as a teenager in the band Screw in 1990. We even got to do our first record with Ministry, who were recording in the same studio as us. Then I was in Prong for about a year before meeting Rob Zombie and joining his band. I went from sleeping in a van to a huge tour bus, back to a van and now I own my own tour bus! After I left Rob’s band I knew I had to start over again. I’m excited to have SCUM OF THE EARTH as my very own and I’m anxious to get out there and promote the hell out of our music. It’s such a good feeling to know that I don’t have to answer to anyone anymore except myself.”

Upon its release in 2004, BLAH…BLAH…BLAH…LOVE SONGS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM racked in rave reviews. To wit:

“…snarling vocals, grind-house guitars, futuristic dance grooves and B-movie sensibilities (and) raw, uncluttered power…”
–Guitar World

“…both well crafted and pleasantly familiar.”

“….pulsating, throbbing, positively slamming white trash devil music.”
–Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

“Scum Of The Earth reclaim the horror-rock throne, abdicated by Rob Zombie, churning out riff after riff of devastating techno-sludge, complete with gritty morbid lyrics, haunting samples and sleaze galore…A must-have!!!”

“Sleaze Freaks” around the country should stay tuned for news about SCUM OF THE EARTH tour dates, which are currently being confirmed. (link to “Bombshell From Hell” video)

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