Susi Braucht Windeln

Susi Braucht Windeln / 2001 Institute Doreen / English Version / 45 Minutes / / Postfach 1224, D-38282 Wolfenbuttel, Germany

More of a full length movie than a typical porn movie, Susi Braucht Wildeln still works one basic premise: that Susi cannot control herself and needs diapers. Susi is played by a blonde star that really fits in with the American conception of what a porn star should look like – tall, skinny, big breasted, and stupid. Just like a Jerry Brickheimer movie, Susi Braucht Windeln has not much plot besides the fat that Susi had an accident while coming over to the house. The fact about the matter is that this movie is still all in German, with Doreen doing a play by play in English, even though the events that happen are pretty clear to all who are watching. One little issue here, is that the way the camera is set up (probably just a tripod mounted deal), a large amount of the changing scenes are blocked in some way by Doreen herself.

Although Doreen in the English voiceover said that Suzi has wet the diaper, I cannot see any actual evidence to see that she has. I’m relatively sure that fetishists would be interested in this cute girl doing that action. I don’t know whats being said in German, but for any English-speaking individual, this promise might be somewhat misleading. This video would pander more to adult babies (AB) than diaper lovers (as the material that Doreen brings out, such as a pacifer and blanket, would be more suitable for that type of play.) The actions in this movie are fairly static, as all of the action besides the initial entrance of Suzi takes place around a bedroom, with the star literally lying in bed practically the entire time.

While this video has more action than Tina For You, the fact is that this adult video is still fairly tame and sedentary. It might be a cultural difference, but I believe that this video is just too slow for American audiences. The camera angle issue is a major one to consider when one pays full price for a video such like this. If it is not Doreen getting in the way with her machinations, it is Susi herself manoevering her legs in such a way that it is just not possible to see what is going on.

Rating : 5.3/10

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