Tina For You

Tina For You / 2002 Institute Doreen / English Version / 50 Minutes / http://www.institutedoreen.de / Postfach 1224, D-38282 Wolfenbuttel, Germany

I got this mysterious package about a month ago, and I wasn’t really sure to do with it. The movies that I got, Tina For You and Suzy Needs Diapers, are very specific fetish-porn, and all I had covered before has been very vanilla porn, in the Limelight Girls series and Freddy’s All-Anal movies. But, I decided to review these movies anyway, to the delight or disgust of any of my loyal readers. The lead girl, “Tina” is not that classically attractive but has her own sense of beauty to her. The video begins with a diapered Tina getting into the bathtub – and we must remember that for some reason, German pornographic videos are all about set-up and very little to do with the actual action of the scene, which takes about 10 minutes of this already short 50 minute movie. More filling of the bathtup takes place, and Tina finally gets in the bathtub a little later.

During the bath, another long excursion, Tina goes through the motions that all pornographic stars go through, that being the mindless yammering so common to the profession. As a result of all this set-up, Institute Doreen gains points for all of the art that takes place instead of full-blown pornography. During the half-way point in the video, we get to see Tina’s girlfriend, only after Tina has a field day with the textures of her leggings and cotton panties. Tina’s girlfriend is a much more lovely girl than Tina, and decides to give Tina a series of enemas (which are so obviously scripted.) Going back to the bathroom one last time, we come back to Tina bathing and putting plastic pants on.

This video, as I have already mentioned, is very slowly-paced, and as such, is really hard to get excited about. For those people that would have a fetish for enemas, diapers, or the like, I guess that this film would be apt to get people riled up, regardless of the speed at which events happen.

Rating : 4.3/10

Author: James McQuiston

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