Blake Lewis – Break Anotha

Blake Lewis – Break Anotha / 2007 Sony / 1 Track / /

Anyone that knows me knows that I pretty much loathe American Idol. Sure, there have been one or two idol stars I could stand after the show (Clarkson and Aiken, primarily), but the vast majority of post-Idol albums have been drek. Blake Lewis, with eir single “Break Anotha”, is trying to change that. What Lewis trying to do with “Break Anotha” is to position eirself as the next Justin Timberlake. Throw in a chorus that will remind individuals of Nelly, and it seems that on paper that Lewis will be able to be the next thing. However, what holds Lewis back during this track is the fact that there is too much in the way of eir influences and not enough in the way of eirself present. I have no clue what Lewis honestly sounds like if one would take the whole Timberlake/Nelly mystique away from eir. I am sure that this track (as well as the rest of “Audio Day Dream”) will go rocketing up the chart but that Lewis will have serious problems with subsequent singles and albums. The only way out is to differentiate eir sound from the rest of the songs on the radio and video stations; can ey do it?

Rating: 5.0/10

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